Freedom is a marker pen on a toilet wall.

Inspired by confessions and graffiti found in the most private of public places, Occupied invites you to a series of one-on-one encounters with mysterious strangers - in the loos.

Welcome to the ladies toilets. The afterthought of many but the most visited part of town. Bad Host will transform this ordinary space - a place lined with sinks, taps and soap dispensers - into somewhere in which dreams happen, where decisions are made and people can meet. Have you ever written on a toilet wall? We have.

Occupied debuted at the Battersea Arts Centre in 2011, and has since engaged audiences at Basement Arts in Brighton (Supper Club, March 2012), the Bush Theatre in London (Bush Bazaar by Theatre Delicatessen, August 2012), the Broadway Theatre in Barking (555 Weekend, March 2013), Shambala Festival (August 2013) and the Cornerstone .

All I can say is ‘Occupied’ involved innovative (and seductive) uses for a public convenience. This is truly inspiring participatory theatre that rewards the enthusiastic patron and leaves you thinking.
— Joshua Bullock, Fourth and Main
One of my personal highlights... a microcosm of the whole [Bush Bazaar] experience... Fun, silly, engaging, touching, immersive, and thoughtful.
— Roland Smith, Theatre Delicatessen

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